The Wrong Man by Jason Dean

The Wrong Man - book cover

Framed for murder…
…Out for revenge.

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There has to be a way out...

Best Thriller -  The Wrong Man 3

Prison leaves it’s own mark on a man, particularly an innocent man. His cell-mate needed his help. Owen Falstaff hadn’t asked for it, just that some of the real ‘bad boys’ were going to try it on with him. Not something Bishop could stand back and let happen. Foolishly one of them thought he could take him on… Amazing how much damage an ex-marine can do with a pencil.

Best Thriller -  The Wrong Man 4

Then it became Bishop’s turn to be on the end of a beating. The “Three Bears” took pleasure in dishing out contract beatings. Sufficient to put him on the hospital wing and the chance to escape. Drugs, stolen keys and a fake Invoice complete the plan. Then it’s up, up and away.
First call? Back home to pick up his hidden ‘starter for ten’ pack – money, clothes and a weapon (as his marine sergeant had said ‘You never know when you might need an untraceable gun.’).  Second call? The brother of the man he’d helped in prison. It was his turn to be helped.