Blue Rondo by John Lawton

Blue Rondo - book cover

rondo: a repeated theme, interspersed with episodic variations.

Blue Rondo A La Turk : Dave Brubeck

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Freddie Troy’s life and lifestyle

Best Mystery -  Blue Rondo 1

Freddie Troy has to come to grips with solving a string of murders as London threatens to fall under the thrall of organised crime, while in-between-times dealing with the vagaries of the affairs of those around him.

Troy’s family live life on a moral merry-go-round. His twin sisters, Sasha and Masha, were forces of nature. Sasha had married Viscount Darbishire, bringing her family's money to the rescue of an impoverished member of the aristocracy; impoverished even though he was ‘something in the City’. Masha, perhaps because of her father’s association with the newspaper business, had a husband who worked on the Sunday Post. Neither sister felt the need to be faithful, and at times they had shared more than just those sentiments.

Best Mystery -  Blue Rondo 2

His elder brother Rod was a Labour politician, voted into parliament in the immediate post-war elections.

All that was missing in this melange of ‘toffs’ and ambiguities was a wife for Troy – actually something he had acquired and then neglected.

This was all of little concern in a London where your behaviour and place in the world were determined by where you had come from.

Troy let none of this distract him from the job in hand; at times it could even offer him a distinct advantage.