The Shanghai Factor by Charles McCarry

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The Shanghai Factor - book cover

An American spy in China.
Status: Sleeper.
Name: Unknown

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Act 2 : Working for the Chinese

Best Thriller -  The Shanghai Factor 3

He’d been introduced by Mei to the ‘princelings’, children of the powerful Chinese ruling elite. Offspring who are indulged, who have seen beyond their country’s boundaries, who have sampled western education and decadence, who are well connected and whose future is secure…provided they do not loose sight of Chinese sensibilities. One of the ‘princelings, Da Ge, introduces him to his father, Chen Qi, a king pin at the top of a major corporation.

Best Thriller -  The Shanghai Factor 4

Chen is someone in whose interest it would be to further the cause of Goanbu – the Chinese secret service -  just as much as the corporation and its thousands of employees and worldwide operations. Exactly the connection that could call for the awakening of a ‘sleeper’ such as himself.  

Chen Qi wants him on their side, his task is to be a bridge between Chen and American business men with whom he does business. Of course he agrees. Sitting alongside this powerful man would be ‘deep cover’ to be exploited in the future, playing the long game.

Only Chen makes it clear – he demands his unswerving loyalty to the company and to the advancement of his adopted country.

Moved in to corporation accommodation, he is provided with a neighbourly associate. Someone who sees to his every need now that Mei has disappeared from the scene.