The Shanghai Factor by Charles McCarry

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The Shanghai Factor - book cover

An American spy in China.
Status: Sleeper.
Name: Unknown

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Act 3 : Back home

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One is never sure why it happens, but having proved himself to Chen in China he is moved to America to oversee their operations there. Then he is unceremoniously dumped; a very generous payoff commensurate with the substantial salary he was already being paid. An act which confounds the American secret services – who was playing who, and at what sort of game? Time to test the waters, maybe time to turn the tables. Especially when the Chinese secret service finally make clear their intention to recruit him.

Best Thrillers -  The Shanghai Factor 6

The prize for all this patience would be to add to America’s assets, to turn the Chinese contact. A game of give and take, push and pull, as tactically handled as a game of chess.

Ensure your enemy makes the first false move, compromise his position, force him into the end game you want – one that will see you the winner.

But on the downside you could be letting loose a killer move, one that threatens a valuable piece. As always, high stakes in high places.

Who knows how such a dangerous game of subterfuge will end?