The Swimmer by Joakim Zander

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The Swimmer - book cover

Deceit, desperation and death. Some facts must never see the light of day.

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The enabler - George

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“The first document had been created by the Swedish Security Service and consisted of a brief personal report.
    George stopped and looked straight into the air. Sapo, Sweden’s secret police. The square that had been crossed out in the top right-hand corner was almost certainly a classified stamp. It was a dizzying feeling to have classified documents in front of him. This was espionage. Pure and simple.
    There was no other way to look at it. Whoever had released these documents to Reiper and his cronies was guilty of espionage. Inconceivable. George didn’t want to think about what kind of crime he was committing by even holding these papers. But at the same time, it was intoxicating.”

Best Thrillers -  The Swimmer 6

    “A couple of things bothered him about the report. First of all, it contained precise descriptions and even photographs from inside the subject’s apartment and office. There was something uncomfortable and intrusive about Sapo, or whoever they were, having been inside this person’s room.
    Moreover, there were excerpts from the person’s e-mails. Two messages were from a Hotmail address of someone who wanted to meet this person in Iraq and Brussels. The man under surveillance had sent a short e-mail to Klara Walldeen. The latter was sent only eleven days ago and had been flagged, presumably by Reiper or Josh. George, not normally a man of principle, now started to feel uneasy. But he was just a cog in the machine.”