A DYING BREED by Peter Hanington

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A DYING BREED - book cover

What do you think is going to happen?
Dying. Dying is going to happen.

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Who wants to know?

Best Thriller -  A DYING BREED 3

London is concerned. Elections are coming up in Afghanistan. Elections that must not be hindered by any provocation. Stability, security and a steady line are the order of the day.

Well that is the firm message to the UK media, especially to Carver’s boss. Don’t rock the boat! Hold your maverick reporter in check.

In Kabul, the UK Ambassador has built a life for himself, largely separated from the dealings and dangers on the streets. He is after all a diplomat, and has a very diplomatic arrangement with a local woman. But he is not quite separated from all the scheming.

Find out what Carver knows!

Without doubt he will be diplomatic and yet quite decidedly deceitful in what he has to do to fulfill that instruction from London.