A Single Shot by Matthew F Jones

A Single Shot - book cover

Finders, keepers. Not always the best idea.

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Take the money.

Best Thriller -  A Single Shot 3

For a man with a past, with a wife who had left because she couldn’t live her life the way he did anymore, it was a gift. Enough money to cure his woes. But it was a death that troubled. A life taken. However once he left that place, out of sight was out of mind. Only for so long. Someone gives him back her body to watch over; lets him know that there is a price to pay.

Best Thriller -  A Single Shot 4

All he wanted to do was see his wife. Tell her that their life could be alright. That they should be together again. That she and his child were the only thing that mattered in his life.

What he did and how he went about it mattered to the local police. Visiting the local diner where she worked caused a stir. Harassed by the law, and by an unseen assailant, his life, his living and his trailer home are violated.

Bit-by- bit people tried to take his life apart.