Fun & Games by Duane Swierczynski

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House sitting doesn’t get any more dangerous than this!

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Get out of this…

Best Thriller -  Fun & Games 3

It’s a great house to be in. He’s not the only person who thinks so. Someone else has beaten him to it and, unlike him, they must have come through the front door. Now, as he checks over the music studio, they come out screeching, holding a mic stand like a medieval lance, charging at him. The lady is scared out of her wits, convinced Hardie is one of those who are out to get her and she is going to get him first.

Best Thriller -  Fun & Games 4

And they are after her… though Charlie Hardie takes some persuading. Loss of mobile signal, power to the house cut, his car driven off – yup, those could be just the sort of signs he needs to be convinced. The two of them are in serious danger and about to be under attack – these professional killers insist on no evidence being left behind and a credible narrative to explain the deaths.