Fun & Games by Duane Swierczynski

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House sitting doesn’t get any more dangerous than this!

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All’s well that ends…

Best Thrillers -  Fun & Games 5

'They' have every resource they need, only Mann is running out of time. The simple job of taking out a movie star has snarled up. Every device, every tricky move and Hardie survives it all. Resilient, resourceful beyond belief, he finds a way out for the two of them every time. ‘They’ are not impressed. They should have been ‘cos he’s not finished by a long way.

Best Thrillers -  Fun & Games 6

He has lots of options. Call in a friend to help, escape from police custody, steal a car. Why would he chose just one?
The gunslinger whose brought in shoots a few bodies… keeping Hardie's head down is one way for Mann to end it. But does it really ever end?