BRAVO by Greg Rucka

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BRAVO - book cover Be prepared for action, deceit, and the threat of terror from an unremitting foe.

An agent who comes in from the cold after long years in deep cover – can she be trusted? She’s travelled the world with her target: Tashkent, Vienna, Moscow, Cairo, London. And how compromised has her life been to prove to Vosil Tahir that she was truly his to do with what he wanted; would kill for him if that would convince him, gain his confidence; would always act to protect him. Where do Petra Nessuno’s loyalties lie? Moving out of deep cover can be as difficult as getting in deep in the first place.

There is a plot, and one man pulling the strings and more conspirators behind the scenes. With the information and reach he has, that man can make almost anyone do almost anything. The Architect is his nom-de-guerre, although he is more interested in demolition than construction! It starts with an attack at a theme park; an attack designed to cause maximum damage and outrage; a failed attack.

On high alert, it’s time to bring in Vosil Tohir. He’s the man they have used Nessuno to get alongside; to discover and pass on to them his secrets. How much does he know that he has not already divulged to her? How extreme does the Architect intend the damage to the American people to be? Be afraid. Afraid for your life. Tohir is.

Unless, that is, you can be as cool and detached as ‘High-class-hooker’ Jordan Webber-Hayden, who is beholden to one man but beguiling to many. Hooker doesn’t really do her justice. She has a part to play, And she too ought to be afraid.

A scary race against time, against the planned devastation and the fall out. How do you defeat your enemies when you’re not sure you can trust your friends?