The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye

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The Gods of Gotham - book cover

New York cops had to start out the hard way – murder, religion and politics.


Timothy Wilde's story
- I’d lost everything in the fire. Little Bird Daly had lost more – she was scared to death.

Valentine Wilde's story
- He could do with taking what life has to offer.

Mercy Underhill's story
- They are all God’s poor creatures, no matter what religion. I do what I can to relieve their suffering.

Bird Daly's story
- You do what you have ter to get by. We was well fed by Mrs Marsh. Dressing up and going with her customers? Could have been worse. Well it was for Liam.

Silkie Marsh's story
- Keeping in with the politicians meant they wouldn’t ask too many questions. Keep them sweet and my life can stay sweet.

Justice Matsell's story
- He had something about him. Thought I would give him air, see what he could find. Evidence is what we need, not hysteria.