Blue Rondo by John Lawton

Blue Rondo - book cover

rondo: a repeated theme, interspersed with episodic variations.

Blue Rondo A La Turk : Dave Brubeck


Chief Superintendent Freddie Troy's story
- Sometimes it would be nice to completely lose myself in the music of Thelonious Monk or Erroll Garner. An evening at home with no sudden excitements. Maybe I have had too many brushes with death. One too many close calls.

Ladislaw Kolankiewicz's story
- The only reason he hadn’t been killed before was pure luck.

Kitty's story
- Freddie and I go way, way back.  

Fat Man's story
- I don’t always show off all me talents. Cissie the Orchard Pig knows I can juggle. Mr Troy on the other hand knows he can rely on me, but there seems to be less and less for me to do these days.