A Conspiracy of Tall Men by Noah Hawley

A Conspiracy of Tall Men - book cover

Deaths, bombings, strange events… add the FBI, CIA, three ‘kooks’ and a bunch of ‘survivalists’. Conspiracy and paranoia a definite possibility.


Linus Owen's story
- I might be pre-occupied with plots and conspiracies but, in the end, that is irrelevant next to death. A bomb blew the plane my wife was on out of the sky. ‘They’ took my Claudia. But who are ‘they’?

‘Counter-intelligence warriors’ Rob and Edward told me they had worked out how to visit the UFO testing area in Nevada and avoid the security forces. A four-wheel-drive, infra-red camera and plenty of beer. One of many small steps in our fight back against the clandestine cabal of military leaders, intelligence agencies, bankers and businessmen that we know rule the world.

Rob's story
- Edward and I think the same. The information age is a government ploy to make people feel empowered. But when you make a population content, feed them whatever information you want, you are free of their questions. Not us. We fight back and tell the world what’s really going on in our newsletter ‘American Conspiracy’

Edward's story
- My employee shares in Silicon Valley start-ups have let me retire well before I’m thirty. I turned vegetarian after I found out about growth hormones being injected into beef cattle. It’s part of a plot to add chemicals to our diet and control the human mind.

Fisher Cody's story
- What would be the ultimate assassination puzzle – a murder at a conspiracy-theory convention? Finding out what happened to Linus’s wife should be much simpler. He is a fellow traveller so I will do what I can to help him solve the puzzle of the plane crash. Linus wants me to phone  a 415 number, from a secure line, then follow instructions and bring the material to our meeting.