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Something You Are by Hanna Jameson

"A narrative set on the streets, writing that seduces, action that is harsh on the sensibilities – a tour de force commentary on an urban world."

"Hanna Jameson tells a story of youth driven along a shocking path to escape the ghetto created by adults. Drugs, death, deceit, teenage angst, nihilism, violence, corruption – Nic Caruana encounters all the shades of evil as he deals with the lives of fallen and forbidding characters and the death of a young girl. Noir with style and substance."
Something You Are
Hanna Jameson

Dominic ‘Nic’ Caruana got caught when he was a youngster. He didn’t need to have been. His big brother had him washed down, cleared away any traces of blood and disposed of his clothes – all that to keep him out of trouble. Still Nic couldn’t lie to his Dad, and didn’t to the police either. He did time for killing the boy who attacked him, and got the ‘rep’ that went with that. People on the street were happy to use him – find the troublemaker, eliminate the problem. Find, lock on, kill – bit like the work his brother did.

Pat Dyer had a problem – two problems actually. His daughter had gone awol – left home that morning, supposed to be meeting a friend, hadn’t turned up. Not like her at all. Wife, Clare Dyer, is the other problem. She's a stay-at-home lady with only memories of a faded career to comfort her. Now Nic has them both as his problem. Find the daughter, Emma, and do that without much help from the mother.

Edie Franco runs her club in a better fashion than she does her life. Her ex-husband, Sidney, is threatening her. Not a wise move with all the friends she can call on. Top man is drug dealing Felix Hudson but Edie needs more subtle treatment for her ex than Felix dishes out. Nic takes on that job as well. Before it’s all over he’s pleased to have the help of Mark Chester – violence and removals a speciality.

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