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crime thriller author Duane Swierczynski Biography
Browse Fun & Games
Fun & Games - Duane Swierczynski
House sitting doesn’t get any more dangerous than this!
crime thriller author Hanna Jameson Biography
Browse Something You Are
Something You Are - Hanna Jameson
Something like this could be happening on the streets near you.
crime thriller author Bernard Minier Biography
Browse A Song for Drowned Souls
A Song for Drowned Souls - Bernard Minier
Who says being a teacher is an easy option? Not when it can kill you…
crime thriller author Peter Hanington Biography
A DYING BREED - Peter Hanington
What do you think is going to happen?
Dying. Dying is going to happen.
crime thriller author Matthew F Jones Biography
Browse A Single Shot
A Single Shot - Matthew F Jones
Finders, keepers. Not always the best idea.
crime thriller author Gerald Seymour Biography
Browse A Deniable Death
A Deniable Death - Gerald Seymour
How does covert action feel? It feels exactly like this!
crime thriller author Ian Fleming Biography
Browse Diamonds Are Forever
Diamonds Are Forever - Ian Fleming
‘Mister. Nothing is forever. Only death is permanent.’
crime thriller author Fuminori Nakamura Biography
Browse The Thief
The Thief - Fuminori Nakamura
A pickpocket’s life is laid bare…
…he might find his life is not his own.
crime thriller author Martin Edwards Biography
Browse Capital Crimes - edited
Capital Crimes - edited - Martin Edwards
A wonderfully eclectic collection of 17 London-based crime stories from past-masters
crime thriller author Deon Meyer Biography
ICARUS - Deon Meyer
All pleasure. No stress.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
crime thriller author Jeffery Deaver Biography
Browse Garden of Beasts
Garden of Beasts - Jeffery Deaver

Evil must be stopped.
crime thriller author Thomas H Cook Biography
Browse The Quest for Anna Klein
The Quest for Anna Klein - Thomas H Cook
The question was never whether she would live or die, for that had been decided long ago.
crime thriller author Charles McCarry Biography
Browse The Shanghai Factor
The Shanghai Factor - Charles McCarry
An American spy in China.
Status: Sleeper.
Name: Unknown
crime thriller author Joakim Zander Biography
Browse The Swimmer
The Swimmer - Joakim Zander
Deceit, desperation and death. Some facts must never see the light of day.
crime thriller author Jason Dean Biography
Browse The Wrong Man
The Wrong Man - Jason Dean
Framed for murder…
…Out for revenge.
crime thriller author Ian Fleming Biography
Browse Thunderball
Thunderball - Ian Fleming
Ernst Blofeld does Bond a good turn. What will 007 do in return?
crime thriller author Niccolo Ammaniti Biography
Browse I'm Not Scared
I'm Not Scared - Niccolo Ammaniti
How much trouble can children get into in the summer heat of Italy? Sometimes it’s too much to handle.
crime thriller author Jeffery Deaver Biography
Browse The October List
The October List - Jeffery Deaver
Intrigue from the start…a puzzle inside an enigma.
How could that be an end to a story?
Trust Jeffery Deaver – it is!
crime thriller author John Connolly Biography
Browse Night Music
Night Music - John Connolly
The imagination of Edgar Allan Poe with a generous dash of Irish blarney
crime thriller author Thomas Mullen Biography
Browse The Revisionists
The Revisionists - Thomas Mullen
Here today, gone tomorrow or is it the other way round?