The Swimmer by Joakim Zander

The Swimmer - book cover

Deceit, desperation and death. Some facts must never see the light of day.

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The protector

Best Mystery -  The Swimmer 1

“… I think of all the things we have to trust in when trying to keep the world from ending. The shifting alliances….I think we never do what we say. We never keep our promises. We always end up sacrificing the ones we set out to rescue.”

Sankt Anna’s Outer Archipeligo, Sweden
"… He’s armed. Friend or foe. Chance. I get up, but keep my back arched, make myself small. I can’t let him make it to the cottage. Can’t take the risk. I take a few quick steps. Worry makes me careless.
    I know before I feel the pain. Like I always know. Like I have always known. That bonds are deadly. That it’s not the lies, but the truth that threatens our existence.”