The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen


The Revisionists - book cover Troy Jones has a battle on his hands, a battle to hold the future the way it is. The job he has been given is to ensure that Events leading to the Great Conflagration are not distorted. On the other side of the coin are the ‘hags’ who have a determination to rid the world and its future times of bad people and bad times – and who knows what unforeseen consequences that might have. The risk is too great and they cannot be allowed to succeed. Troy has been sent back to the past, on a mission to take them out.

Into the mix have been thrown Leo Hastings, a man with a conscience and experience of intelligence (well that was who he used to work for), Tasha Wilson, a lawyer who is bothered about what her corporate clients have been up to, Sari, a virtual slave in a diplomat’s household, and TJ, who at heart is nothing more or less than a renegade railing at war, at the Government, at all it stands for. Oh and there is the CIA, the Feds and the local police, all of whom have a part to play. People have to die and there is no price too high or deceit too great for the preservation of the ‘Perfect Present’.