A Deniable Death by Gerald Seymour


A Deniable Death - book cover Three parties have an interest in getting rid of Rashid Armajan – the ‘Engineer’. He is the Iranian bomb maker whose knowledge of technology and sophisticated designs keeps the enemy one step ahead. First there is the ‘Cousin’ who has been patiently seeking him out, then there is the ‘Friend’ who will kill him given the opportunity and, with troops in the firing line, the UK are prepared to play their part and provide surveillance resources. All undercover, all deniable.

Len Gibbons has recruited two men for the job; ‘Badger’ Baxter, a specialist from the police and ‘Foxy’ Foulkes, a war weary soldier. No need to tell them much. In the name of national interest get them on their way - into Iraq and then Iran. Abigail Jones, the woman who runs the intelligence side of the show in Iraq, has four men who provide her security. All she has to do is be ready and stay the right side of the Iraq/Iran border.

Inserted into a danger zone, the two experts in deception are at the mercy of their enemies and puppet-masters alike.