A Deniable Death by Gerald Seymour

A Deniable Death - book cover

How does covert action feel? It feels exactly like this!


‘Badger’ Baxter's story
- I go where I’m sent.

‘Foxy’ Foulkes' story
- Just focus on the six ‘Ss’. Shape, shadows, silhouette, surfaces, spacing and smell.

Len Gibbons' story
- History. Naivety. They had cost me dear in the past. This was a chance to get my career back. Anyway, it was all going to be deniable if it didn’t work out.

Abigail Jones' story
- I don’t know who said EF could stand for Eternal Flame instead of Echo Foxtrot. Why that name? Because, with these four keeping watch for me, I never go out.

Rashid Armajan's story
- My wife can’t be allowed to die. Somewhere in the world there is a specialist surgeon who can give her the chance of life.