Fun & Games by Duane Swierczynski

Fun & Games - book cover

House sitting doesn’t get any more dangerous than this!


Lane Madden's story
- I got to be in so many films. It wasn’t just my talent that did that for me. Now they want to bring my career to a definite end. Help!

Charles Hardie's story
- How come I’m a target? This was supposed to be a whole month of paid R&R in LaLa land. Instead it’s a real rough-house of someone else’s troubles.

Mann's story
- He’d taken a good long look at my naked breasts. Wouldn’t handle them. Wouldn’t cover them in sun cream for me. What he did do to me really wasn’t very nice.

Malibu's story
- I do the bumping. That’s my job. Someone else does the bumping off.

O'Neal's story
- Technology is a wonderful thing. Car-jacking by remote control. You can’t beat it. With people though, you have to get up close to make sure they follow the script.