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The Quest for Anna Klein by Thomas H Cook

"Thomas H Cook is a rare jewel of a writer, a powerful storyteller and an elegant stylist. If you are not familar with his work, you absolutely should be."

"Cook writes like a wounded angel..."
The Quest for Anna Klein
Thomas H Cook

When 'new blood' meets an 'old dog' there is a tale to tell. The violent acts of today are matched by the violence and plots of a man’s youth. Thomas Danforth had a future mapped out – a successful family business and a fiancée – until Robert Clayton introduced him to Anna Klein and seduced him into ‘The Project’. It was enough for him to drop his plans for marriage and journey around Europe with her.

Anna had her own thoughts about what sort of project would have some impact. Not this Project. Not this glorified administrative endeavour – logistics for a raggle taggle army fleeing the Spanish Civil war. No, she wanted to play a part in the ‘big game’ What that needed was Ted Bannion to persuade others of the idea – a plot to kill Hitler before war had broken out. A plot that was betrayed, leaving Danforth with nagging doubts. Questions that would only be answered when he found Anna again.

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