The Thief by Fuminori Nakamura

The Thief - book cover

A pickpocket’s life is laid bare…
…he might find his life is not his own.


"A mesmeric piece of crime fiction…with a devastatingly surprising end."

"Destined to become a landmark thriller."

"His grasp of the seamy underbelly of the city is why Nakamura is one of the most award-winning young guns of Japanese hardboiled detective writing."

"Fast-paced, elegantly written, and rife with the symbols of inevitability."

"Compulsively readable for its portrait of a dark, crumbling, graffiti-scarred Tokyo—
and the desire to understand the mysterious thief."

"Taut, atmospheric and cool, ‘The Thief’ will steal your breath away."

"Intelligent, compelling and surprisingly moving."

"Nakamura’s memorable antihero, at once as believably efficient as Donald Westlake’s Parker and as disaffected as a Camus protagonist, will impress genre and literary readers alike."

"Writing of some pace and scope. A story that will stay with you. A real insight into what it is to be human and fallible. One of a kind."