The Wrong Man by Jason Dean

The Wrong Man - book cover

Framed for murder…
…Out for revenge.

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Who did it?

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So there are two problems… First, staying out of the clutches of the law. There hasn’t been a breakout from that prison in twelve years. Now there’s a manhunt – pictures in papers, news on the TV and a determined Deputy Marshall. Second problem? Finding the man who attacked him at the Brennan house. Owen Falstaff’s family turn up trumps. Brother Aleron is a forger of distinction – so that’s false papers sorted. His sister is ‘fit’, fancies Bishop and has skill as a computer programmer. So that gets him to first base.

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And then there is the question of why he was framed. That’s going to take some dodging around downtown hotels, flying about in helicopters and the discovery of some consequential paperwork at the Brennan house. Slowly, piece-by-piece, the case comes together and the stakes are raised. All Bishop has to do is avoid the attention of a serious killer and someone who loves to torment. Death at their hands will be either fast or furious. The revenge he plans is all the sweeter for that.