I'm Not Scared by Niccolo Ammaniti

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How much trouble can children get into in the summer heat of Italy? Sometimes it’s too much to handle.

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A compelling reason

Best Thriller -  I'm Not Scared 3

Why should he tell Skull, the boy who was so awful to everyone, the boy who bullied and thought he ran the group, the boy who would claim credit for himself? No, the body he discovered is his alone and may even be alive. He’d have to come back after the gang had all gone home – somehow he’d find a way.

Best Thriller -  I'm Not Scared 4

Returning, he finds the body is a young boy, shackled and starving. He tries to help but the greater danger is being found out. He rouses the fury of his lorry driver father, is chased by his mother, and upsets his five year old sister. His father brings a stranger to stay. A man who argues with his father, then tells him what to do. Finally, Michele comes across Skull’s vicious grown up brother, Felice, and has to own up to what he has done.