A Song for Drowned Souls by Bernard Minier

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A Song for Drowned Souls - book cover

Who says being a teacher is an easy option? Not when it can kill you…

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A killing, a pool and a politician

Best Thriller -  A Song for Drowned Souls 3

The teacher was dedicated to her task, with teaching methods that at times reflected a very individual approach to meeting her responsibilities. Her murderer was dedicated to the task of finishing her life. She had been completely bound with rope, placed in her own bath and killed.

Her collection of dolls had been scattered, left floating across the surface of her swimming pool.

Best Thriller -  A Song for Drowned Souls 4

One of her students, Hugo Bokhanowsky, was left with his mind scattered. He sat transfixed at the edge of the pool. A ready-made murder suspect – which is what the local prosecutor thought.

Hugo is the son of Servaz’s school girlfriend, it takes no time at all for his mother to ask Servaz to intercede.

His investigation ranges far, including to the family of a politician whose star is in the ascendancy.