A Song for Drowned Souls by Bernard Minier

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A Song for Drowned Souls - book cover

Who says being a teacher is an easy option? Not when it can kill you…

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A criminal, his dogs and death

Best Thrillers -  A Song for Drowned Souls 5

‘Elvis’ is a criminal. Elvis Konstandin Elmaz is a local hard man. He had previously served sentences for drug trafficking, assault and theft. Recently released from prison after serving time for assault and rape, he is known to favour young, pretty, brown-haired women as his victims. He lives away from others, well off the beaten track – he and his guard dogs. Or are they trained as fighting dogs? He doesn’t mind what people use them for. Those he keeps will warn him of danger and the threat of them will keep him safe.

Best Thrillers -  A Song for Drowned Souls 6

Perhaps he has made one enemy too many. An enemy with definite plans. An enemy with revenge in mind. His would be a slow and painful death. The drawn out attack had the hallmarks of a sadist, the work of a twisted mind.
No Mahler music this time but Servaz is sure Julian Hirtmann has a hand in all that takes place.
   If it’s this personal then Commandant Martin Servaz must protect those close to himself…