A Single Shot by Matthew F Jones

A Single Shot - book cover

Finders, keepers. Not always the best idea.

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An old crime

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A lusty local girl saps his energy and an ageing stripper and a mutilated body simply push him deeper into trouble. He is the ideal suspect and he’s already in the law’s bad books. It’s not the present that counts, although that is where the violence is unleashed. The money, and the mayhem that follows it, is down to events from the past.

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Through all this he had no idea how valuable the inheritance from his father was. Not the land, that was long gone. But the hunting rifle with the telescopic sight.  Now the ill-gotten money is the ransom – for his wife, for the girl Abbie, for his life. Take your pick; the end result will be the same. Someone will die and for someone the money will buy a new sort of life.