The Swimmer by Joakim Zander

The Swimmer - book cover

Deceit, desperation and death. Some facts must never see the light of day.


"Guilt and atonement and revenge ... an impressive, fast-paced thriller."

"A thrilling debut ... a novel with rare ambition with a crackling denouement and strong characters, it richly deserves its reputation"

"Builds to exceptional tension"

"The skillfully intertwined network of characters creates an explosive, thrilling dance"

"An absorbing chase thriller ... an excellent debut"

"Truly polished and compelling…. Tension and action abound. But it is the depth of Zander’s characters and the quality of the writing, which at times touches elegance, that make The Swimmer a winner."

"A multi-layered thriller, full of style, drive and immediacy"

"At the end you look up and see the world differently"