ICARUS by Deon Meyer

ICARUS - book cover

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"From the first sentence to the very last clause, a truly engaging tour-de-force. "

"Tantalising plot, rich smorgasbord of characters, intertwined stories from lawyer and detectives; this could be the finest yet from Deon Meyer. Storytelling doesn’t get much better than this."

"One of Meyer's strengths is his ability to portray lesser characters with as much attention as he pays to central ones... Meyer scores also in his sensitive portrayals of the social and racial elements of a South Africa still struggling to find its equilibrium."

"Crime, wine and a thrilling finale: a rare and unexpected treat. The pace of the novel is breathless, yet Meyer never sacrifices authenticity or the quality of his writing."

"Excellent ... The richness of the characters, especially the multifaceted Benny, elevates this above most contemporary police procedurals."

"Icarus places Deon Meyer firmly in the top international league. It's the fifth, and best, of the Benny Griessel series..."

"Deon Meyer's South Africa is laid bare in Icarus... it is as glittering and hard as the diamonds his country is famous for."

"ICARUS is the first novel of Deon Meyer's I have read - and how lucky I feel to have discovered him. His writing is sharp and full of energy, his evocation of place and character second to none. "