ICARUS by Deon Meyer

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Captain Benny Griessel's story
- Another unnecessary death, so I turned to my best friend, Jack Daniels. Should have phoned my AA sponsor, not let Alexa down – of the two of us I was supposed to be the strong one – and then Vaughn wouldn’t have had to cover my back.

Advocate Susan Peires' story
- I had seen this sort of behaviour before in a client. He had to get everything from the past off his chest.

Francois du Toit's story
- Our family goes back a long way. We are what you might call ‘established’.

Major Mbali Kaleni's story
- Benny needed a break. A great many prominent people were threatened by Ernst Richter’s death. We had a media frenzy on our hands. In the end I would need to pull the team all together.

Rick Grobler's story
- When you lend your boss money, you do expect to get it paid back! Time for drastic action.

Vaughn Cupido's story
- Benny is always the officer in charge. Now Mbali has dropped this one in my lap – a high profile case for a coloured Cape Town cop.

Desiree Coetzee's story
- It wasn’t all sweetness and light working at Alibi. Ernst Richter was not without his problems.

Alexa Barnard's story
- The counsellor said it was survivor guilt, and his altruism, and his depression that made him drink. I don’t know which of those made Benny hit someone in the Ocean Basket bar.

Adjutant Jamie Keyter's story
- Good media attention. I found the body. All down to me then…

Cindy Senekal's story
- He was rich and he was fun. Not dependable but then nor was I.

Captain Frank Fillander's story
- I don’t believe that was the most hygienic way to get his iphone to reveal its secrets. But it worked!