A Single Shot by Matthew F Jones

A Single Shot - book cover

Finders, keepers. Not always the best idea.

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Dear, oh dear...

Best Mystery -  A Single Shot 1

It was just another day. Another day to keep body and soul together. Hunting - taking a shotgun out to get some meat. Couldn’t be a crime. Shouldn’t be a crime. Poaching on what had been his family’s land. Acres of land he knew like the back of his hand. But he didn’t make a clean kill of the big powerful buck. Had to track the wounded animal, finish it. Finished her instead.

Best Mystery -  A Single Shot 2

She couldn’t be left where she was. A nearby cave was the obvious place to hide her. It had also been the obvious place to hide a huge stash of money. There had even been a rattler to protect the cave. Who was she? A letter on her said it all. She’d run away for a better life. Well a more exciting life with a man called Waylon.