I'm Not Scared by Niccolo Ammaniti

I'm Not Scared - book cover

How much trouble can children get into in the summer heat of Italy? Sometimes it’s too much to handle.


Michele Amitrano's story
- A piece of cake wasn’t enough. What he wanted was a great big sandwich – bread and butter and ham and cheese - and chocolate.

Maria Amitrano's story
- He’s my big brother and mamma tells him to look after me. I broke my glasses and hurt my foot. He’ll get shouted at and I wish he didn’t.

Salvatore Scardaccione's story
- Class mates and best friends. Together we could beat Skull. Later when we played Subuteo Michele told me he had a dreadful secret.

Pino Amitrano (Pappa)'s story
- Michele has to stop all this nonsense. His mother’s tired out and we have a lot to do.