Something You Are by Hanna Jameson

Something You Are - book cover

Something like this could be happening on the streets near you.


Dominic ‘Nic’ Caruana's story
- I didn’t choose my life. It chose me. How an assignment ends is usually how I’ve planned it to end. Not this time.

Pat Dyer's story
- Don’t cross me, ever. You’ll suffer. Bastard found out what happens. Scabby little bastard.

Clare Dyer's story
- I like dancing. I knew he’d watch, couldn’t help himself.

Edie Franco's story
- All the boys drink at my place. Sort of like a social club with edge.  How could I have married a man called Sidney? Now he’s got a hold over me I just don’t care for, so its ‘Hello, Nic. Sort this for me.’

Felix Hudson's story
- You have to keep the lid on things. They’d been well out of order. Can’t have professional colleagues upset.

Mark Chester's story
- The man didn’t need his little finger. I couldn’t remember what I did with it though. Must have left it behind somewhere.