A Deniable Death by Gerald Seymour

A Deniable Death - book cover

How does covert action feel? It feels exactly like this!

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The Gang

Best Mystery -  A Deniable Death 1

An opportunity presents itself for Len Gibbons to make good a failed reputation. He is charged with over-seeing a most sensitive combined operation to eliminate a target. First they need definitive intelligence from on the ground in Iran but the previous local source has been rumbled…taken out. He needs to get a surveillance team in place. In and out without a trace – deniable. Even his own meeting with the Minister, the ‘Cousin’ and the ‘Friend’ is deniable – the Minister’s diary already shows he was elsewhere at the time.

Best Mystery -  A Deniable Death 2

Two very different talents are what Len Gibbons has to contend with. ‘Badger’ Baxter, so skilled in holding cover that animals have been known to mark him out as part of their territory. Some say you can still smell how much he blended into their world. ‘Foxy’ Foulkes is the man with all the electronic surveillance gizmos and the language skills to match. Problem: they both have attitude and a definite outlook on life. Difficult when they are going to have to be so up close and personal.