Garden of Beasts by Jeffery Deaver

Garden of Beasts - book cover

Evil must be stopped.


Paul Schumann's story
- This killing has to be in public. I’m used to getting up close to my target. Now they want me to use a rifle? It’s not at all what sports reporters do.

Reginald Morgan's story
- That was a close call. Better make sure there is no identification left on the body. Then we could both use a beer. Chaperoning this man is not going to be an easy task.

Reinhard Ernst's story
- Goring always tries to outdo me. The Fuhrer wants to know all about Waltham College. Now. He’s the last man you want to upset.

Inspector Willi Kohl's story
- My feet! I know they are being kept on the ground. We get no help – its SS and Gestapo first. A lucky break is all I need to get this murder solved.

Otto Webber's story
- Things were good when I ran my crime ring. Now, there’s next to nothing around and the pickings are poor. I have to mix yellow colouring and lard with the butter to make any sort of living on the black market.