The October List by Jeffery Deaver

The October List - book cover

Intrigue from the start…a puzzle inside an enigma.
How could that be an end to a story?
Trust Jeffery Deaver – it is!

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Get muddled in the middle


Ch 20    10.00pm    ‘Yellow Shirt’ hears about the October List.        
Ch 19      8.30pm    Waldorf Hotel:Daniel and Gabriela enjoy a snack.
Ch 18      5.55pm    Always there are penalties for being late!
Ch 17      5.30pm    It’s only a finger.
Ch 16      4.50pm    Seventy minutes left.
Ch 15      3.15pm    Put away for safekeeping.
Ch 14      2.50pm    That was no accident.
Ch 13    12.30pm    Once, twice…? She’s no lady.
Ch 12      Noon        Follow her and we will find Charles.
Ch 11     11.15am    I’ve got your daughter.
Ch 10     10.30am    Where's Charles Prescott and twenty five million?
Ch  9     10.00am    Two detectives come calling.
Ch  8       9.00am    Kosher does not mean low calories.

Best Thriller -  The October List 4