The October List by Jeffery Deaver

The October List - book cover

Intrigue from the start…a puzzle inside an enigma.
How could that be an end to a story?
Trust Jeffery Deaver – it is!

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with a corkscrew of a beginning


Ch  7    10.00pm    A boring three hours.
Ch  6      6.30pm    The Princeton Solution and a fast boat.
Ch  5      5.00pm    Paperwork and a spilt drink.
Ch  4      1.30pm    One way to handle money.
Ch  3    12.20pm    Frank Walsh is a nerd.
Ch  2     11.00am   She’s his office manager.
Ch  1       8.20am   Let me tell you what I need.
                                   Main players:

Best Thrillers -  The October List 6

Gabriela – worked as PA to Investment manager Charles Prescott
Elena – Gabriela’s co-worker.
Joseph – snatched Gabriela’s daughter Sarah, wants the October List and his money returned.
Daniel – a man who can, among other things, help raise the ransom.
Frank Walsh – obsessed, with Gabriela and her high-heeled shoes.
‘Yellow Shirt’ – ambitious low-life.

'I began wondering if it was possible for a thriller writer to pull off a backward-told story that was filled with the cliff-hangers, surprises, twists and turns that are, for me, the epitome of good crime fiction. The task, of course, is to present the twist - the reveal - before giving the facts that led up to it...'
Jeffery Deaver