Garden of Beasts by Jeffery Deaver

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Evil must be stopped.

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Olympic games

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Difficult to know who are friends and who are foes? Not in Germany in 1936. Everything is covered by a mantle of fear that puts a darkness in the soul. Where even reading Goethe’s poems and talking about his life has become an offence. Once your name is on the list then it is only a matter of time before there is that ominous knock on the door, and a harsh and unpromising future. No-one is safe from informers and betrayal.
Sometimes there doesn’t even need to be a list – Hitler's Brownshirt thugs and their violence rules the streets. Only a foolish man would stand up to them.

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It takes a black marketeer to make sure Paul stays out of trouble – easier said than done when there is already one lifeless body about. A Stetson hat and a distinctive green tie are just as much a giveaway of identity as fingerprints.
Careful in all other regards, Paul takes up with a woman who is not what she seems to be. And he discovers that a planned photo-shoot at the Olympic stadium is not what he thought it was either.
Still, he'd be in serious trouble if he forgot what he had come to Germany to do.